About Thuriah

Thuriah Medical Center was founded in the year 2001 with the vision of being the center of excellence in the provision of reproductive health care in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and indeed the whole of the Gulf region. The center is dedicated to the provision of highly specialized reproductive health services by a highly qualified, experienced team enhanced by commitment and compassion to patients’ needs.
In December 2015 at the Oxford Summit of Leaders in Oxford, UK, Thuriah Medical Center was awarded the Best Medical Centre Award by Europe Business Assembly for the strong position in the national healthcare market, high quality medical services, national and international accreditation, certification, wide research base, professionalism, favourable patients’ reports, safety of treatment processes and focus on patients and their satisfaction.
The center invests heavily in the latest technology, staff qualifications and experience and commitment to quality. It has contributed significantly to the health and happiness of individuals, couples and families and society at large through the many successful outcomes and sharing the experiences through teaching, education and research. Over the years Thuriah Medical Center has steadily expanded and today it’s a leading provider in the Middle East of IVF and related technologies such as intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection, sperm micro-dissection techniques and pre-implantation genetic diagnosis/screening. The center currently comprises:
Infertility & IVF Unit
Provides all the required diagnostic and therapeutic tools of fertility care. More than 2500 IVF cycles are currently offered annually for couples from different backgrounds.
Thuriah IVF Laboratory
A state of the art modern IVF laboratory fully equipped with all the latest technology, it provides a wide range of IVF laboratory service including ICSI, embryo biopsy, extended embryo culture to blastocyst and vitrification.
Thuriah Genetics Laboratory
This is the latest addition to Thuriah set-up and it caters for the full range of high tech genetic services including preimplantation genetic screening/diagnosis and prenatal diagnosis.
Urology, Male Infertility & Andrology Unit
All relevant health care including the most sophisticated procedures of surgical sperm retrieval are provided with great results.
Women’s Health, Gyne Endoscopy and Oncology Unit
This unit provides care for women of various ages, both preventive and therapeutic, helping women enjoying a lifelong health, from pre-puberty to post-menopause.
Uro/Gynecology & Female Pelvic Reconstructive Surgery Unit
Provides care for women with urinary and/or pelvic floor problems.
Maternal & Fetal Medicine Unit
Provides complete maternal and fetal care for high risk pregnancy using the latest available diagnostic and therapeutic approaches.
General Obstetrics & Gynecology Unit
This unit provides routine obstetric care including antenatal care and delivery and treatment of general gynecology problems.

Our Vision
Striving to maintain leadership in the provision of world class reproductive health services.

Our Mission
Dedication to the provision of highly specialized reproductive health services by a highly qualified, experienced team enhanced by commitment and compassion to our patient’s needs.

Our Values
Trust – Honor – Understanding – Respect – Innovation – Accountability – Humbleness